Audit Result

YFUNI Finance smart contracts have been checked, audited and tested many times by the technical teams with good experiences in Solidity and Our Partnership Blokchain Audit : Quillhash & QuillAudits

Audit Result

YFUNI Token Audit Result:

UNICORN Token Audit Result:

About Quillhash

Quillhash leads the adoption of blockchain technology worldwide. We at QuillHash explore and build products in Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI and IoT. We help traditional businesses become more efficient, streamlined, creative and innovative by helping them realize the potential of the latest tech - Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI and IoT.

Our Products

  1. QuillTrace ( - We have built a Procurement platform using blockchain tech that ensures complete transparency in supply-chain management for various industries, to regain the trust and efficiency it once had.

  2. dNFT:- ( dNFTs will shape the future of NFTs in EOS. It will be used for the real-life applications of NFTs. It is a proposed standard that can provide distributed ownership of unique assets. dNFT standard may be of utility to various industries that require ownership in the form of percentage shares or rights.

  3. QuillAudits - Smart Contracts Security Audits Platform ( Through our Automated, Manual analysis, and formal verification we provide a complete solution to identify and determine vulnerabilities and violations of logic in the smart contract.

  4. Tokenic - ( Tokenic is a tokenisation platform to Tokenise physical and digital assets for better investment, opacity, liquidity by targeting the global economy.

  5. QuillPlay - ( QuillPlay is a Smart Contract a Service platform to develop smart contracts, deploy, audit and monitoring of smart contracts events. No programming required. Select from our catalogue of pre-built contracts, or design your own with a drag-and-drop interface.

About QuillAudits

Smart Contracts Auditing Services, DeFi Safety Audits, Cybersecurity Solutions For Blockchain & Crypto Products

We ensure your smart contract goes through all the stages from manual code review till automated testing before we generate the initial audit report. Once your team updates the code, we do a thorough scrutiny of the smart contract to provide you with the Final Audit report. You can know more about each stage of our audit process here.