In the space of crypto, especially in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) space, users have to understand the risks of projects and smart contracts before venturing into DeFi. We call this DYOR (do your own research).
General DeFi Risks
DeFi risks encapsulates a wide range of risks such as impermanent loss to risks of falling for scams such as wallet draining, private key being stolen, et cetera. Hence, DeFi users have to be careful themselves and learn to educate themselves constantly in this space. You can find a guide to keeping your funds SAFU here.
Smart Contract Risks
Smart contracts are innovative way for cryptocurrencies to interact with one another and with dApps (decentralised applications). However, due to the complexities that comes with smart contracts, certain smart contracts may be prone to hacks.
YFUNI having reputable auditors to audit YFUNI and UNICORN Smartcontract. You can find the audit report by QuillAudits here and here
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